2015 Results


The wind blew hard on Friday and we had good air for the most part on Saturday. Congratulations to Ryan Andersen for his second win of the Utah Sky Trials. His bird (the falcon formerly known as Mr. Andersen) The One flew strong both days and took first place. The One/Mr. Andersen also scored first place in 2013. Fun to watch! The Prairie Falcon Award was won by Shayne Clarke.


Top Ten Finishers

Place Falcon Score Falconer Breed
1 The One 92.28 Ryan Andersen Gyr/Peregrine
2 Flying Horse 66.11 Dave Ewell Gyr/Peregrine
3 Everett 57.40 Kenley Christensen Gyr/Peregrine
4 Nike 55.94 Dave Ewell Peregrine
5 Peach 41.52 Dal McBride Peregrine
6 Black Jack 38.06 Kenley Christensen Gyr/Peregrine
7 Mercedes 33.91 Shayne Clarke Passage Prairie
8 Passage Prairie 28.91 Scott Larsen Passage Prairie
9 Wraith 22.11 Vahe Alaverdian Gyr/Peregrine
10 Lucifer 3.00 Vahe Alaverdian Gyr/Peregrine