2017 Flight Order

Flight Order as of February 7, 2017

The flight order for 2017 has been determined. There are still a few slots available if you wish to register

The flight times are very close to your original preference. The first bird will leave the fist at 7:40 sharp! Flights will follow after.

The order for the Saturday flights will follow this same order.

Falconer Falcon NameSpeciesFlight Time
Blaine StewartFluffyPrairie Falcon7:40am
Vahe´ AlaverdainRingoGyr Peregrine8:00 am
Tom RosePrairie Falcon8:20 am
Jordan FisherAvaPeregrine8:40 am
Vahe´ AlaverdainWraithGyr Peregrine9:00 am
Scott LarsenArcoPrairie Falcon9:40 am
Available10:00 am
Kenley ChristensenEverettGyr Peregrine10:20 am
Available10:40 am
Scott LarsenBB (Beach Bird)Peregrine11:00 am
Jonah McBrideThunderPrairie Falcon11:20 am
Brayden AndersenTaunaPeregrine11:40 am