G & B Ranch – Quail for Falconry

G & B Ranch is a Premiere Source for Falconry Quail.

G & B Ranch

Owned and operated by Gary & Becky Boberg. Gary has been a practicing Falconer and falcon breeder for 45 years.

G & B Ranch is located north of San Diego, CA in the hills of Valley Center. Dry climate 2,500 ft. elevation.

Their quail is raised on sawdust floor until they are 3 weeks old. Then moved to screen cages until they reach the age of nine weeks.  G & B quail are fed with specially formulated feed loaded with vitamins and minerals. They are put down and packaged 10 per bag, frozen and ready to ship.

Gary is a generous donor and supporter of the Utah Sky Trials. Let’s support him in return by purchasing quail from him. To text or call Gary, leave your contact information here.