Registration 2017


Registration and Selection of Preferred Flight Times

To be Completely Registered:

  1. Review the Rules and Judging for 2017. There have been some changes from 2016.
  2. Select your preferred flying times.
  3. Pay your registration fee.

Registering ensures you have a spot in the Utah Sky Trials. Selection of flight times is explained below.

You have registered when you make your online payment of $50 (for first bird, $75 for second bird.)

Pay Registration Fee and Select Preferred Flight Times. Click Here

Registration opens Wednesday January 25, 2017.

Registration Fee is $50 per bird and $75 for an additional bird or birds (providing there are still slots available for a third bird.)

When you register you will also select your preferred flight time for Friday’s preliminary flights. Note that we are starting both days at 7:20 am sharp to allow more availability for those wanting to fly early. The first available flight will be at 7:20, second flight 7:40 and so forth. NOTE: the sunrise for February 10th is scheduled for 7:35 AM. If someone chooses the 7:20 flight, they will be flying at first light.

Limit 2 birds unless there is still space available on February 3. If space is available registration for the third bird will also $75.

On Saturday February 4, the names of those who have registered will be drawn out of a “digital hat” (random list generator program) to select to the priority of flight times.

If your name is drawn first, I take will take your 1st choice from your preferred flight time list and slot you in for your first priority flight time. If you are drawn second, I take your 1st choice from the preferred flight time list and if  your top pick is available I will slot you in. If your top pick is taken, I will go to your second choice and so forth.

Please Note: Your registration is not refundable and your flight slots are not transferable. If you sign up and change your mind about flying, your slot will be reassigned by the meet organizer.  By submitting your registration, you agree to abide by the rules of judging and other rules governing the Utah Sky Trials.

You may pay with your PayPal account or your debit or VISA or Master credit card.

Questions? Click here.