Utah Falconers Association

The Utah Falconers Association is dedicated to the conservation, education, and wise use of raptors.

Getting Started.

To get started in falconry in Utah, the first requirement will be to become familiar with the State’s
regulations regarding falconry. The regulations and administrative rules can be found on the Division of
Wildlife Resources website.

You will need to take the falconry test and pass it with 80% or better, have a facility and equipment
inspection, and then find a willing falconer to sponsor you. Wildlife Resources will have a list of falconers
who will be able to sponsor you, or you can become a Utah Falconers Association member for access to
our directory. Most falconers welcome a call or visit from anyone who is interested in this great sport.

Becoming a member of UFA (Utah Falconers Association), will also give you ‘other’ benefits within the
club, and local support. This is something I encourage all to be part of.

We recommend all potential apprentices to meet as many eligible sponsors as they can before they
obtain a Utah Falconry COR. This will help them better understand the sport, what is required of them,
and most of all finding the right sponsor for their needs.

On behalf of the club, we extend a welcome to falconry!

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